Let's work more efficient!

It is often unbelievably obvious how inefficient some of your teams might work. This can have many reasons, but it is often caused by unstructured processes, insufficient software knowledge or simply because your team is used to work in a certain way. I'll come into your company and assess your main processes before proposing new methods. This will not only lead to magnificent time savings, but especially more happiness in your team!

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Know your numbers!

How much revenue did your team make last month? Who were the key accounts? How high were the profit margins? How high was your customer retention rate?
These four examples are only some of many essential questions that any manager should be able to answer within seconds. However, most small and mid-sized companies cannot access these information easily due to old-fashioned IT systems. That is why I specialise in creating powerful monitoring tools for any business. And you won't even have to buy any new software, because I create these fully-automised with MS Excel.


Get my opinion!

As you might have read before, I admit that I cannot provide you with hundreds of years of working experience. That is also why I would never sell you a 'strategy proposal' or 'concepts'  or anything similar. Nevertheless, I see my international background and young age as a unique advantage to give you opinions and advices on concerning topics that you would probably not hear from senior consultants or your staff. So let's talk and exchange ideas!

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​"Power is gained by sharing knowledge"

In order for you to have a long-term usage of the services I offer above, I'll train you or your team in any of these topics. Besides these, I also offer workshops in my areas of expertise which are the efficient and mastered dealing with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, the creation of homepages and also cultural competence training. Other workshops are of course also possible based on your demands.


So in case you might have a job for me, let's talk and discuss whether I might be your suitable consultant!